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Why Retailers Should Work With a Manufacturer of Custom Store Fixtures

Retail stores are an interior space of tons of marketing efforts. From the way products are stored on shelves, to the (public) personalities of retail workers, retail stores want to encourage customers to buy their goods. One way that successful retail stores do in-store marketing is through using custom retail fixtures. So, why does it make so much sense for retailers to invest in custom store fixtures?

Why Retailers Should Work With a Manufacturer of Custom Store Fixtures

There is more to successful retailing than great products, great marketing, and great staff. Retail shoppers take in the whole store experience, and if your retail store looks on the inside like a big box store, you might want to consider replacing stock shelving units with custom manufactured store fixtures.

Some retailers do not know where or who can come up with design ideas for store interiors including fixtures. Many retailers don’t realize that working directly with the manufacturer provides some significant benefits from design, production and cost perspectives.

Advantages of Working With a Custom Store Fixture Manufacturers

  • Manufacturing companies have staff engineers that understand all the fine points of custom store fixtures from a production, engineering and manufacturing perspective, and they can guide you to the most cost-effective solutions for an ongoing fixture.
  • Manufacturing companies will not charge you a fee above their regular charges for a custom fixture.
  • Retailers save money with a custom design – after the initial design fee, there are no costs associated with a design that you reuse.
  • Custom fixtures offer a wide choice of materials from fine wood to acrylic and metal. Customization allows you to get a unique design that best reflects your brand.
  • Gives you the opportunity to better inform your customers as they make great displays for new products or services.
  • Increase your retail location’s profitability. Research studies from the Point of Purchase Association (POPAI) reveal that as much as 70% of retail products are purchased in stores. Unique and engaging displays, sometimes called “suggestive marketing” plays a major role in consumer product choices.

Your in-store displays have a major influence on consumer choice – great displays made for you are affordable and increase your brand profitability.